Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Christmas Carols

I didn't have anything to post on Tuesday as it was kind of a dull day.  I have been dealing with a nagging cough from the cold I had two weeks ago so I was not in a festive mood.  I ended up going to bed soon as I got home from work, to rest.  Today, however, was the complete opposite.

When I arrived at office, I was given this mic and song book to play with. I told the lady who handed these to me that she would regret it LOL.   Also we were treated to lunch by one of bosses.

The mic can be used several ways.  It plays Christmas tunes that you sing to either using the elf button which makes your voice sound like an elf, or you can sing using your own voice.  Or you can just talk through the mic with out using the music in the elf or your own voice.  The book has 5 or 6 carols.  One side has the original words to each song and the other side has a different/funny version. It's a really neat gadget.

My voice is still a little hoarse so my singing, let's just say it was something you've never heard before.  I sung both the original versions as well as the funny versions.

Every now and then when people would congregate around my desk, I would just grab the mic and burst into song.  Some even joined in.  I had everyone smiling and laughing.  A few told me not to quit my day job lol.   Yep today was a good day.

Monday, December 15, 2014

10 days til Christmas and I still have lots to do: finish shopping for gifts, wrap gifts, purchase groceries for my Christmas Eve dinner.  Hmm. Now that I see it in print, there really isn't that much. Thursday  at noon I will officially be on vacation. Whoo hoo!  So my plan/goal is to get these tasks completed by the weekend.

Funday Sunday

Every Sunday during football season, my friends get together to watch our team, the Baltimore Ravens, play.  We always have a blast, screaming at the tv, throwing temper tantrums, you name it.

This Sunday was very special as one of the ladies surprised us with an early Christmas gift...this beautiful pin.

She has a co-worker who is very talented make this.  Wish I was this crafty.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Spreading the Christmas Spirit

Today I grabbed some extra decorations from home and decided to decorate my office.  My co-workers all loved my little setup, especially the tree.  Some even expressed getting the Christmas spirit and they were going home to put up a tree or do a little decorating.  Just call me Ms. Claus!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

They're A Hit!

So I delivered a big tin of cookies to my co-workers today.  It is my first time bringing in treats for the folks (I transferred to a new office last November).  Those cookies were gone before lunchtime - LOL.  At my old office, they would last a few days.

This is what was left when I took the picture.  When the tin was returned to me it was completely empty.  I am so happy everyone enjoyed the cookies.  I love making people happy, even if it's the little things.

Special Delivery

Today I am delivering cookies to my neighbor, co-workers and friends.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Wrapping Paper - Photo-A-Day

Did you know that wrapping paper has many uses other than for wrapping gifts?  There's lots of ways to use wrapping paper.  You can use it as a table cover.  Or frame it as nice wall art.  Even use as book covers for kids holiday books.  Another really great idea, and I want to hopefully do this next year, cover an old picture frame or mirror to look like gift boxes.  And of course I'm sure you know about wrapping your door with it.

Each year I decorate my front door with wrapping paper.  Kmart is the only store I know that sells wrapping paper specifically for doors.  It's the perfect width and length covering the entire door.  Unfortunately the last known Kmart in the tri-county area recently closed for good which left me stuck with how would I decorate my door this year.  Most of the paper out there either is not wide enough and would leave the edges of the door exposed or the pattern flows horizontal and you find yourself trying to put the paper on like wall paper (which can be stressful trying to match the pattern exactly, not to mention paper being wasted).

Well a few weeks ago I was in Walmart and I found a nice roll of wrapping paper to use on my door. And the pattern was simple snowflakes.  It's not as heavy as the paper I used to get from Kmart, but it was cheaper, $2.97 (half of the cost I normally pay) and there's enough on the roll to use maybe another two to three times.  The Kmart paper was just enough to cover the door once.

And here it is:

I like it!  I like it very much!