Sunday, August 30, 2009

Here We Go!

I have been up since 5:30 this morning. I'm excited because today is the first day of the Holiday Grand Plan . This week is List/Front Porch week.

Because I have no front porch, this week is dedicated to the balcony.

Sweep the outdoor carpet
Wipe down patio furniture
Wipe down railing
Clean patio windows/doors

For the holiday prep part, I have the following lists:

Gift list
Christmas card list
Menus for holiday breakfast and Christmas Eve family gatherings
Shopping list
Baking list
Crafts list

Thursday, August 27, 2009

August Rudy Day!

Well this month for Rudy Day I celebrated by making a few teacup candles.  I used gingerbread mugs I purchased from Dollar Tree a few years ago.  I'm sure the ladies at the office are going to love them.  As soon as I can I will post pictures. I have so many pictures on my camera I need to download, it's crazy. Puts me in mind of that commercial where the guy with the fishing poles says, "I'm not getting deleted, I got deleted last time."  Then puff, he was deleted.  LOL

Be back soon.


I've been playing around, trying to make my blog look more festive and I make a big oops. Somehow I managed to lose my ability to easily update the appearance of my blog (I clicked on something I shouldn't have). As a result, I lost my counter letting me see how many people visit my blog as well as a few other things.
I've been very busy since my last post. There have been tons of birthday and anniversary parties (I never realized there were so many summer babies in my family). We've also been taking mini vacations and day-trips.
Now, that's all behind me and I am fully and completely focused on the upcoming holidays. So check back September 1st when my real journey begins.

Monday, August 3, 2009

CIJ Giveaway

Please check out this blog by Ms. Life's Place for a chance to win her CIJ giveaway. The winner will be announced August 9th.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

July Rudy Day

Well I'm still working on the advent calendar. I'm undecided if I want to attach the stockings to some red fabric or connect them together with string/ribbon.
Here are the supplies I used to put them together:
  • 25 mini Christmas stockings (got them from Dollar Tree at $.50 for two the day after Christmas)
  • key tags
  • red number stickers
  • red yarn
  • hole puncher
First I attached the red stickers to the key tags. Then I punched a hole in the stocking. After removing the metal piece from the tag I attached tag to the stocking with a piece of red yarn. And here's how the stockings look:

Each stocking will have nice surprise. The recipient of this gift will have so much fun counting down to Christmas.


The end of August kicks off the Holiday Grand Plan at Organized Christmas. I, however have decided to start early. My apartment is in desperate need of deep cleaning and I just can't take it anymore (heeheehee). So I made a list of cleaning supplies and will be heading to Walmart and Dollar Tree this week to do a little shopping.

If you're interested in getting your home cleaned and ready for Fall and the holidays, HGP may be the plan for you. Or, if your home is in need of only a little cleaning and you'd like to be better prepared for the holidays, then Holiday + Houseworks may be what you prefer. I have followed both plans and they are awsome.

While you are following the plans, take a visit over to Magical Holiday Home discussion forum where myself and other Christmas lovers tell of our progress.

Checking Out The Pantry

I was reading a topic over at Organized Christmas, "Save Money: Beat the Holiday Grocery Game," when I decided to go through my kitchen cabinets to check the dates on spices and baking ingredients. I only had a few baking items that were expired and threw out. My spices were in great shape as I had just bought them during last year's holiday season. After checking everything, I added things that need replacing to my grocery list.

It's important to check your pantries for expired items. You don't want your delicious dishes and treats to be ruined and make you ill by using old ingredients.

Just thought you should know.

Gift Closet

Recently I updated my list of gifts purchased and added them to my gift closet. A gift closet is an area where you keep all your gifts purchased for whatever occassion: birthdays, anniversaries and of course Christmas. Where the gift closet is set up is up to the individual. I use the spare closet in the guest bedroom hidden behind my summer wardrobe and noone suspects that they are there. Some people have clever ways of hidding there gifts from family snoops. Some people wrapped and tagged gifts in a way only they know so kids and spouses don't know which gift is theirs. Another person says she keeps her gifts in shopping bags hidden in her closet. Another person hides her gifts in suitcases.

To keep track of gifts I have purchasesd I use this Gift Closet form. Here's what's in my closet so far:

Pair of jeans and pullover sweater for my oldest nephew
Massaging/warmer foot slippers for SIL
2 half done movie baskets
5 pc glass candle holder set
3 pc candle set w/mirror tray
2 fleece bath wraps for a cousin
2 sets of pj's for a cousin
An outfit for sil's mother
An outfit and playstation game for a boy cousin
A few craft items for a kids basket
A 'baby's 1st Christmas' ornament

My goal is to have all presents purchased/made by the end of November. I have 47 people to shop for and looking at my gift closet list I better get a move on. I know it seems like a lot of people to shop for but believe me it is not expensive as it seems. You will see what I mean in later posts.