Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Black Friday

Black Friday is November 22nd.  Anyone planning to go out this year?  I love Black Friday.  My favorite place to shop for sale items is Walmart. A super walmart just opened a few blocks up the road from me.  Yipee.

I've been getting email alerts of various stores' Black Friday sales.  Check it out.


Decisions, Decisions

I know I already decided on the menu for this year's Christmas Eve family dinner, but in the last month I have been seeing some really great recipes I want to do.  (Thank you Pinterest - LOL).  Now I think I may be changing a few items.

Christmas Cards

I love giving and receiving Christmas cards.  It's such a special treat for me to open my mailbox and find a pretty Christmas card from friends and family.  I use to have a spiral tree that I displayed all of my cards on but it finally fell apart after years of use.  I was thinking of getting another one but then came across a great idea on Pinterest.  Decorating a door with ribbon and attaching my Christmas cards to it. Since I have nice new doors throughout, I figure, why not.

Clever way to display Christmas cards. I may do this.

This year I made some personalized Christmas cards for my closest, dearest friends. Inside each card will be a picture of us all taken in Ocean City Maryland during my birthday weekend.  I can't wait for them to receive them in the mail.  Last year I sent them all calendars with photos of all our wild times together throughout the year which was a great hit.

Still thinking of what type of cards I want to send to family though.  I was thinking photo cards, but I've done that before. Maybe for those who've never received one -- but for the rest I'm undecided.

Playing Catch-Up

I've been so busy with other things that I have neglected my duties in getting ready for the holidays.  Today and yesterday state government offices have been closed because of Hurricane Sandy.  Since I had two days off and could not go outdoors, I decided to take the opportunity to evaluate my progress.  Let me tell you, it's not looking good.

I have all of my lists completed but have not done much from them.  I still need to 
  • Purchase more baking supplies
  • Finish printing Christmas cards
  • Shop for Christmas gifts and start wrapping them as they come in
  • Finish purchasing non perishable goods for holiday meals
  • Purchase craft supplies and get started on homemade gifts
  • Set up gift closet
  • Inventory decorations
  • Purchase Christmas stamps
  • Inventory holiday music and movies
  • buy a new pre-lit Christmas tree and ornaments
One thing that I was able to scratched off my list is Thanksgiving dinner.  There's been a change for Thanksgiving.  I originally planned to host a small dinner with just me, my boyfriend, my parents and my brother and his family.  A few weeks ago my aunt called and asked us all to come to her home for Thanksgiving.  So that's where we'll be going.  It's fine with me since I'm so behind with everything.

Well that's my sad story.  It's back to work tomorrow.

Will try to get started again on my to-do list.  Christmas will be here before I know it.