Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Holiday Dinnerware

One of the things I look forward to during the Christmas season is pulling out my dishes. 

I bought my dishes from Dollar Tree about 7 or 8 years ago.  They are white with a holly design and gold ban around the edge. 

I had seen similar dish sets in department stores but did not want to pay those prices. Plus I did not want or need the saucers and cups. They wouldn't get used. Then one year I was in, of all places, Dollar Tree, and there these were.  I tell you I just can't stay out of that store.  And if you go there on the right day you can hit the jackpot, big

I originally bought 8, plus the matching spoon rest, napkin holder and salt & pepper shakers.  I wanted to get more but I really did not have the money.  I thought I would never find those dishes in Dollar Tree again.  Boy was I surprised when the following year I walks in to Dollar Tree and again, there they were. My money was a little better this time so I grabbed more.  I was so happy and I needed the dishes because my yearly Christmas Eve family dinner was growing in numbers.  They come out on the table as well as my pretty gold flatware. I treated myself to the flatware about 6 years ago.

You may notice on the photo above I have different dinnerware on the table.  My table is set in all red.  I have red charger plates, glass dinner plates and glass dessert plates. 

Guess where I found the dinner plates.  If you guessed Dollar Tree, you are correct.  That's why I love that store. (heeheehee)  The dessert plates I found on clearance in Target for 75 cents each.  I don't know if you can see but they both have a pretty pattern on the underside. 

Also on the table I have red wine glasses and holly drinking glasses.  More Dollar Tree finds.

I use to switch up the glasses each year but I really wanted to see them both on the table so that's what I've done.

When company stops buy and we sit down to eat they always look for the paper plates. I tell them, "We are using these plates." I wash them and put them on the table.   That's the purpose of having them. Huh, these dishes are not just for show. They are for eating off of.  I don't care if we are having pizza and salad.  We're going to sit at the table and have an enjoyable meal together.  That's my main purpose, being together - talking, laughing, having a good time.


Anonymous said...

I love your dishes. That is one thing I don't have - Christmas dishes.

dj56v said...

Isn't it amazing what you can find in the Dollar stores! Your plates, both the holly and the red ones are beautiful! I think that the holly plates would even look beautiful on the red charger plates. I would mix both the holly and the red glasses also. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas with your family!


Mrs.T said...

These are absolutely beautiful! I love the holly ones in particular. And I love Dollar Tree too!

My Christmas dishes are some I found on clearance in Walmart many years ago. They have wintry snow scenes on them. I've read of the idea of using one's Christmas dishes all through December, and last year we did that. Makes the whole month festive and helps the season seem to last a little longer!