Monday, November 26, 2007

Happy Holidays!!!

Hip Hip Hooray! Christmas is Well Underway!!!

I'm so gitty. LOL This is my most favorite time of the year. I've decorated everywhere in my apartment and in my office on the job. My only problem, shopping for gifts. I have so many gifts to purchase and this is the second week of December. I'm usually done by the end of November. Well I'm not even going to stress.

Other than shopping for gifts everything else is going according to plan. I've finalized my menu (after changing it several times):
Lasagna; party tray of buffalo, fried, and honey bbq wingettes; cold cut platter; deviled eggs; green beans; steamed shrimp platter; potato salad; crab salad; garlic rolls; desserts include cupcakes for the kids, cookies baked from scratch, variety cheese cake platter and one or two other treats. I got my greeting cards out in the mail yesterday. Several craft projects have been completed. I baked cookies which I will be giving out to people on the job later this week. Also I'll be taking in a dish to share with the people in my office. It's just something I like to do for them every year. I'll bake more cookies for my annual Christmas Eve party the weekend before the event.

Speaking of my job. I work at a courthouse and this year the bailiffs are in a friendly competition with the clerks office for best decorations. Let me tell you I didn't think the bailiffs had a chance because last year the clerks office wowed everyone, but I'll admit the bailiffs are holding their own. This morning the bailiffs set up a large electric train set which even the clerks had to admit was really nice. I will try to get pictures of both areas and post them after the competition which will be on the upcoming Monday. But for now I've posted a few photos of my home and my office.

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cathymac said...

I love your pictures! Great job, as usual! I am eager to see the train-hey-never under estimate the power of the police!!