Monday, October 6, 2008

A Day Closer To Christmas

Today during my lunch break I went to the nearby Dollar Tree. I was in Dollar heaven! I went there to pick up some fall bushes to finish my topiary for the diningroom table. Wow did my eyes get very large when I saw the isles of Christmas decorations. I picked up some really cute photo ornaments for the office tree...and that was all (as far as Christmas was concerned). I will go back when I have more time to look although to be perfectly honest I don't need any more family and friends will tell you. Just as I'm typing this I do need some ornaments to fill in my tree...wish I had picked them up. The photo ornaments are really cute! I only bought 6 as I already had a few from last year. They are green, gold and red - ornament, bell, Christmas sock, sleigh, Christmas tree, and wreath. They will hold wallet size (or maybe a little smaller) photos.

This year I'm decorating the whole office. I've got it all written out. I've brought in the decorations that I usually have in the master bedroom and will take the decorations I used last year in the office to use at home. I'm waiting for the other Dollar Store to put up their Christmas stuff. I see that they've cleared an isle so I'm assuming it will be very soon. (Everything in this store is not a a dollar though, but their Christmas stuff usually is.) Anyway they have the red and gold glittered gift box ornaments I need. I have some already but need more...I hope they have them this year.

Here's my plan:
  • Cover the main door and the head assistant's door with burgundy paper with gold lettering
  • Cover my boss' door with the coordinatin green paper with gold lettering.
  • Hang wreaths decorated with small gift boxes on all three doors.
  • Cover bulletin board behind my desk with snowman print paper. Cover the lady I share an the office with board with coordinating Santa print paper.
  • Cover our two desks with the green paper mentioned above. Add gold ribbon and bow to look like wrapped gifts.
  • Cover our two chairs with the big Santa hats. (It would be great if I could find one that was a snowman for my chair.)
  • Cover top of file cabinets with batting; decorate 3 ft tree with gift box ornaments, lighted red glass beaded garland, clear lights, photo ornaments, lighted star tree topper and coordinating ornamments - inside each ornament will be a picture of everyone in the office; The two smaller trees will sit on either side of the larger tree and will just have red lights and a large red glitter ornament as a tree topper; also there will be an animated snowman and Santa; along the front will be my small Christmas village pieces and maybe a few small wrapped gifts. I'm undecided about adding the gifts as I don't want the display to look to busy.
  • And finally...The bookcases: cover the fronts to mimmic a fire place; cover the top with red & white felt (The red felt will be cut into a pattern and layered over the white felt); a small tree will sit on top as well. We have baskets up there for work and they will be decorated with little velvet bows. To finish it off, our little 4 ft inflatable Santa that my boss brought in for us a few years ago will stand in front.
  • I will dress up the clock which is hung over the book case with a wreath
  • I need to find a place to display my altered Countdown to Christmas clippboard...When I finally get it done. Here's one that one of my MHH buddies made. Isn't it adorable. I hope mine's will look almost as nice.
Well that's it for now. I'll be leaving work in about 45 minutes and I need to start clearing off my desk.

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