Sunday, January 16, 2011

Happy New Year

It's a new year and with it, new possibilties. 

I have been feeling really confident that I am going to have a good year.  Over at Magical Holiday Home, members are encouraged to spend time on their word for the year.  My word for 2011 is CHANGE.

There's a lot of things I need to work on.  The major thing is my health.  See I have high blood pressure and most recently my doctor told me that my cholesterol was a little high.  So my doctor changed me from the two medications I was taking for high blood pressure and put me on one type of medication that controls both the HBP and Cholosteral, as well as taking a low dose aspirin and iron pill daily. I don't want to have to take pills for the rest of my life, hence working on change. 
Back in September of 2009, I started making and following a monthly menu plan.  I did well following the menu for a while.  That is until the holidays rolled around.  I tried picking back up where I left off in 2010, but then summer came and I'd slacked off again.  In the fall of 2010 I attempted to start over and did very well even when the holidays rolled around again.  It wasn't perfect but I managed much better than the previous year.

I have cut out buying process foods.  You know that stuff you can grab from the freezer (which has a high sodium content), heat in the microwave and you're done.  No more of that.  I go grocery shopping every week or every other week.  I try to buy only fresh items.  An idea I got from a cousin.  My food tastes much better and I am trying new dishes I would never have thought of making before and I don't have a lot of headaches like before.  The big plus is that I am beginning to lose weight.  It's not a lot but it is a start.

Yes this year is all about change.  Change for a better life, better health.  Change to be a better me.

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Anonymous said...

That is a great word and you seem to be off to a great start regarding your health.
Keep up the good work!!