Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February Goals

Declutter:  This month's focus are the kitchen and my desk area. Gingerbug (creator of MHH) suggests we set the number of hours we will committ to decluttering this month.  I am dedicating 2 hours a week.  At the end of the month that will amount to 8 hours.  Not too shabby.  Yesterday (Monday) I threw out a bag of shredded paper that contained old paystubs and other things I no longer needed. Now my file cabinet is nice and neat.

Purchase two Christmas movies.  I didn't get a chance to buy one last month. 

Celebrate Me:  This month is about our beautiful faces.  I have never had a full fledge facial done before so this will be a really special treate for me. 

Locate Autumn/Halloween notebook.  Actually I have a small folder I use during the autumn season. I don't do too much for Halloween or Thanksgiving.  I have family and friends who go all out for those holidays.  I just love the season itself - the leaves turning to those vibrant colors, the smell of a fireplace being lit for the first time of the season, things like that.  To celebrate the season I invite a few friends over for a fun evening of  food, drinks, games, etc. 

Do you have things around your home you would like to get rid of?  Then why not follow my friends as they participate in Move it Out Monday.

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Mel said...

Enjoy the facial!!