Monday, January 7, 2013

Made a Few Changes

I have spent the last two days playing around with my blog.  I've been using Blogger for several years but still do not know what all that it has to offer. So I'm trying to learn more about it. One thing I did learn how to do was import blogs. I imported  posts from my 'Hey Rudolph' blog onto this blog and then deleted that one. I had not posted on there I think in over a year and I didn't want to lose my posts.  So now you will see Rudy Day activities on here too.

I am also learning how to add gadgets like Share and how to change the layout. I'm not quite happy with the layout currently being used but I'll play around with it some more until I find that perfect one.

I've been so busy with 'life' that I have not had a chance to post pictures from Christmas 2012.  I hope to do it later today, but right now I need to get ready for a doctor's appointment.  See you later.


Vicki said...

Your blog looks terrific. The background is cute and I really enjoy Santa traveling across the screen!

Aggy said...

Thanks, I found it on