Saturday, November 16, 2013

Catching Up

Today, I made the decision to spend the entire day in the house.  I have been running rampant since the summer with friends and family. Every weekend (and sometimes weekdays) there has been something going on. I need to get focused or else Christmas this year will be a disaster.  So here I am, sitting at the dining room table, in my pajamas, watching the Hallmark channel and fighting the urge to put up my Christmas decorations. Later I'll going over my Thanksgiving shopping list and maybe pin more holiday decor and food ideas.

My friends over at Magical Holiday Home have been busy following the Christmas Countdown and I need to catch up.

I have all of my lists started: gift ideas, holiday menus, shopping lists, addresses for Christmas cards, etc.  I created and printed an events calendar.  I've gone through my decorations making note of what I need to get or replace.  Even took inventory of the pantry and discarded any expired spices, herbs, and so forth.  Next week I'll hit the grocery store to restock.

For gifts this year I am having difficulty coming up with ideas.  Out of 30 gifts I will be giving, I only have cards, couple movie baskets, and something for a cousin of his favorite NFL team.  This is bumming me out. Sure hope things turn around as I don't have much time.

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