Friday, January 3, 2014

Gift Ideas

I really want to do better in 2014.  This past Christmas I was not on my A-game.  I dragged my feet with everything, especially shopping for gifts.

Since the day after Christmas I have been thinking of gift ideas for family members.

I was just looking through my blog and came across the time I made calendars for family and a few friends.  Each month had pictures and noted dates like birthdays, anniversaries, etc.  They were well received.  I want to make some this year to give to my group.

Along with the calendars I'm going to make Kissmas Whisks.  These are so fun and easy to make.  I made some years ago for a few co-workers and  they were a big hit.

Now on to family.  The stores are having big holiday clearances, especially on holiday sleepwear.  Which got me thinking... each family member will get a pair of fun, Christmasy pj's as part of their gifts.  While I'm at it, pick up a few for myself.

I noticed that my brother could use a new rachets/tools set.  When we were working on my truck a few months ago, I noticed how everthing looked so old and rusty, although I must admit, they worked perfectly well.  He has had those tools for years. As always, I don't know what to get my mom.  She has just about everything.  Whenever I think of a great gift for her, whether it be her birthday or Christmas, she has already gotten it.  My nieces and nephews I won't have any ideas until it gets closer to the holidays.  Their wants change so much. Sometimes it's hard to keep up.  One niece I know really loves jewelery, peace signs and such.  So I have noted that in my notebook.  The boys will be a little tougher to shop for. I may end up giving them money cards and they can go get whatever they want.

Right now I'm motivated and feeling good about things.  Just hope it stays with me throughout the year.


Vicki said...

I know exactly what you mean. This was not a typical year for me either, and while it was fun and I enjoyed myself, I can't wait to get back into my "normal" routine for 2014. The pajama gift idea is terrific - maybe I'll try that for next year...

Luludou said...

I've started with 2014 Christmas gifts too... the handmade ones! I agree tough to find ideas for teenage boys.
Mom always gives us pjs too and it is wonderful.