Friday, April 25, 2008

April Rudy Day

One of the things I have planned was to start my holiday craft list. I'm not really crafty so I look for easy, simple projects but that I know my family will love to receive. So I went through my tearfiles and decided that here's what I want to make this year.

I bought lots of Christmas cards after the holidays on clearance but I wanted to make some special cards for people like my mom, grandmother - other close family members. I found this ribbon card project that will be nice to do with my nieces and nephews. They can give them to their parents and grandparents. Plus it will be special because it was made by loving little hands. I love these Merry Christmas and JOY holiday cards. I've added the supplies need to my master shopping list.

A few years ago I made a calendar with pictures of all the grandkids, myself and my brother for my mom which she loved. She still has that calendar up in her office so I'm going to make her another one with updated pictures of everyone. I will also make one for my grandmother but will add all her grandkids, great grandkids, and great-great grandkids.

For a few of my co-workers I am going to make them nice ornaments. I already purchased several packs of clear glass ornaments which I found in Dollar Tree stores. I will fill them with potpourri and glue miniature poinsettias and greenery around the cap then tie with some pretty satin ribbon - ready to hang on the tree.

Baby Blanket for baby's first Christmas

For my 9 year old niece, an advent calendar made out of gift boxes.

For myself and my best friend, this lovely purse will be soooo cute to carry to a holiday party.

My livingroom sofa and chairs are white, so I thought these festive red and white pillows would look really nice on them.

I had planned to go out today to start shopping from my master shopping list but my foot is aching a little from too much walking today (mending from a bad fall) so I'll put it off for Sunday.

Tonight I'll finish my 24 Days of Christmas Activities list and try to start setting up my gift closet. I've made several purchases since the beginning of the year and they have been sitting in my livingroom in a corner in bags. Every time someone comes to visit they head straight toward them - being nosey. I have to head them off and tell them to keep out. LOL I need to get them out of site quickly.


Carrie said...

Love the red pillow idea for your white couch!

Cathy Miller said...

Aggy, your post is great. You have really done a lot of work on it...makes mine look pitiful!! I love all of your ideas. That joy card is so elegant and so pretty. Thanks for the little taste of the holidays!!

Ginger said...

Great job...boy you did a lot!!