Sunday, February 7, 2010

Winter Storm of 2010

There is so much snow.  We received between 25" to 3 feet, breaking the record of 2003.  And there's talk about another snow storm heading this way from Tuesday afternoon to Wednesday afternoon.  To pass the time I grabbed my digital camera and took some pictures from my balcony.

Some branches broke from the trees as a result of heavy snow.  I'm always praying that those trees don't fall on my building. 

This is one of the side streets that takes me to the main roads.  When I moved here nearly 11 years ago you couldn't even see the homes across the road. That's how many trees we've lost due to bad weather.

And here's a view of the parking lot from the bedroom window.

It may not look like it but maintenance did a good job considering all the snow that fell.  You can actually see the street.


happeningswithLana said...

Aggy, pretty pictues. I am all about sharing, but please you just go ahead and keep it all up there okay. We have only 4" here and they say tom. night suppose to get 5" plus. Love it IF I don't have to drive but..... I am not off till Saturday again.

Mel said...

That is an awful lot of snow!!