Sunday, February 14, 2010

Blizzard 2010 - Progress

When the snow finally stopped it was said that we received a total of 40" of snow.  Many of the roads are passable, but barely.  You have to watch out for lanes quickly merging into one and there not being any leadways off ramps of highways to the streets and vic-verse.   In the city, they had to revert to dumping snow into the Baltimore Inner Harbor. And near the airport, they are using a machine that melts the snow and another machine that's used to flatten snow at ski resorts.
The parking lot of my apartment complex looks fantastic.  They have been working day and night since Saturday.  Yesterday they brought in a couple of bob-cats, and a dump truck to clear away as much snow as they can.  See.

(Some folks never even bothered to dig out their cars, so they're still covered)

What snow they didn't take away, they made huge mountains on the lawns.

I cannot wait for all of this snow to go.  I have never been more ready for spring.  We should have some awsome blooms this year from all this water.


Mel said...

That is a lot of snow!!

Leann said...

I'm right there with you sista! Our shovel piles are taller than me!!!

Stay warm!

Mel said...

I am giving you a "Sunshine Award".