Monday, March 26, 2012

Madness in Full Effect

Not too happy today.  The people came and installed the new carpet yesterday while I was at work.  They did an excellent job putting down the carpet but they did some major damages to my furniture in the process.

They damaged one of my tall dresser chests.  The drawers will not sit in properly as one of the bars is broken and another one is completely missing.

So my drawers are stacked on the floor in my bedroom.

Then this morning when I got up I decided to rearrange my livingroom.  Another disaster.  They broke one of the legs on my armoire completely off.

Thank goodness I had not started putting my electronics back into the cabinet or else it all could have fallen over, and on me!  What's makes me so mad is that they put the armoire back up like nothing was wrong and... they didn't even let the rental office know what they did.

I showed the pictures to the rental manager this morning and she is going to contact the company.  Someone is going to have to fix my furniture.  I've only had the chests and armoire a few years. The armoire was bought by my mom as a Christmas gift.

Other than these mishaps, my little palace really is looking better and better.  I asked management if I could get my walls painted and she set me up for a day next week (I should have asked about that before the carpet was replaced. Oh well).  This holiday is really going to be wonderful.  I can see it...


Dorothy said...

To bad about your furniture. I hope you get it resolved soon. What's really bad is that they didn't even say anything about what they had done! Like did they think you just wouldn't notice it?? Have a nice week!

Aggy said...

Thank you Dorothy. Maintenance did fixed my armoire. And one day while in Ikea i took a chance and asked if they had spare pieces for my dresser which they did and it didn't cost me anything.

Dorothy said...

That's great!! :)