Monday, March 5, 2012

March Madness

It's not really mad.  Well maybe a little.

The new carpet is being installed tomorrow. So glad of that.

Before the contractors come I had to move items that could easily break. They are currently being stored in the kitchen.  I tried storing some things on the shelf in the guest bedroom closet Friday, when all of a sudden, the pole gave way from the wall and everything came crashing down on me.  LOL.

(It was worse then this. I cleaned it up a little before I took this picture.)

Needless to say, I had to find somewhere else to put things.  Maintenance will come fix the pole hopefully later this week.

While getting the place ready for carpeting, I managed to do more decluttering.  I gave away two small tables, a small book case, a curio, my microwave, and a few other things to the Salvation Army.  Unfortunately, one of the small tables somehow got damaged during transport, so I don't think they will be re-purposing it.  I threw out some old picture frames that broke during the closet fiasco. I also threw out some Christmas wrapping paper that I didn't like anymore. Out went an old folding table and a plant stand that had seen better days.

My little palace is looking quite empty. Almost like it did when I first moved in.  lol

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