Sunday, August 5, 2012

Christmas Tree Idea

During my major decluttering I got rid of my pre-lit Christmas tree.  The tree was in great shape but the lights no longer worked. So I gave it to one of the contractors working in my apartment who said he could use it during hunting season. LOL.

Anyway I now have to buy a new Christmas tree.  I want another 7 ft, pre-lit tree but I want it to be a little narrow. I was looking at trees last year and I really like the ones that have those thick branches. They cost a little more than regular trees but they make less of a mess - as far as shedding goes.

Today while looking on the internet I saw this picture where they decorated around the base of the Christmas tree with poinsettias.

I really like it and may be using this idea.


J. Leonard said...

Very pretty! I see them use this decorating tactic a lot at restraunts and hotels during the holidays so it doesn't look bare under there. It gives the tree a bigger presence!
If you try it this year, be sure to post some pics! Id love to see :)

Cheryl said...

First visit for me to your blog! Those poinsettias are a great idea! I am gonna have to come back and look around a bit. Also gonna check out your Pinterest Christmas board.

Take care, Aggy!