Sunday, August 26, 2012

Holiday Grand Plan

Good day all. It's been raining all day here in Maryland.  A nice day to stay indoors and maybe get some things done around the house.

Today starts the eighteen week long Holiday Grand Plan over at Magical Holiday Home and Organized Christmas.  The the plan is divided into two parts: cleaning and holiday preparation.  Week One is cleaning off the front porch and list week.  I, myself, am only following the holiday prep part of this plan.

Here's my list:

  • Create a master gift list:  I listed the names of all my relatives, friends, neighbors and coworkers whom I will be giving gifts to.  I also wrote down how much I plan to spend for each person and what gifts I will give.
  • Update address list:  Made sure home addresses of friends and family that I send Christmas cards to are up to date.
  • Thanksgiving menu:  What I plan to serve and wrote my grocery shopping list
  • Christmas menu:  same thing I did for Thanksgiving
  • Goodies for sharing:   I'm making 10 different types of cookies and two cakes. I made a list of the ingredients I need to buy and will get started picking up what I need this week.  I want to start making up the batches earlier than usual.  I love to share homemade goodies with my coworkers and leave a little basket of goodies at the door of my neighbors house.  It's a nice surprise when they open their door.
  • Plan and prepare freezer meals:  As the holidays drawer nearer I will be too busy to cook so I made of list of dinners I will make and freeze so that they will be at the ready whenever I get hungry.
  • Create a master shopping list:  This list consists of gifts I need to purchase, supplies for craft projects, decorations, party supplies, etc.
I'm so excited to get started. This Christmas is going to be wonderful.

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