Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Christmas Cards

I love giving and receiving Christmas cards.  It's such a special treat for me to open my mailbox and find a pretty Christmas card from friends and family.  I use to have a spiral tree that I displayed all of my cards on but it finally fell apart after years of use.  I was thinking of getting another one but then came across a great idea on Pinterest.  Decorating a door with ribbon and attaching my Christmas cards to it. Since I have nice new doors throughout, I figure, why not.

Clever way to display Christmas cards. I may do this.

This year I made some personalized Christmas cards for my closest, dearest friends. Inside each card will be a picture of us all taken in Ocean City Maryland during my birthday weekend.  I can't wait for them to receive them in the mail.  Last year I sent them all calendars with photos of all our wild times together throughout the year which was a great hit.

Still thinking of what type of cards I want to send to family though.  I was thinking photo cards, but I've done that before. Maybe for those who've never received one -- but for the rest I'm undecided.

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