Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Do You Have A Wish List?

Every year when I am making up my gift lists for family and friends, I'm also thinking of gifts for 'me'.  Though I receive some really nice and awesome gifts (doesn't take much to make me happy), I really like and feel that it's good to treat myself every now and again.  And Christmas is when I like to splurge on myself (well Christmas and my Birthday).  I started making a wish list when I joined Organized Christmas, many, many moons ago.  Every year I write down a list of things and when I had the means, go and get them, wrap them up and put under the Christmas tree come December.  Don't get me wrong, I do share a few of my wishes with family and friends.  It's usually about gift cards to a few of my favorite stores like Walmart or Dollar Tree. Or mats for my truck with the Baltimore Ravens logo. Heehee.

I remember one year, my mom surprised me big time with a laptop and portable hard-drive.  Then another year she got me a wireless printer.  We had been talking , you know, just in casual conversation. She had mentioned that she was getting a new laptop for herself. Couldn't believe she got one for me too! Talking about feeling like a spoiled kid (a spoiled, older kid).  LOL  

There's really not too much I want or need this year.  Just a small list, really:

* The new Samsung 5 phone.
* A new vacuum cleaner 
* Ipod-Touch 

I also plan to treat myself to a few nice pieces of  jewelry and perhaps some designer perfume.  

So what is on your wish list?  


Vicki said...

I do have a wish list, but I buy most of my gifts "from my husband" myself. He never shops until the last few days, so I learned over the years that if I was to get anything I remotely wanted, I need to purchase it myself. The kids always buy me stuff that's on my wish list. Every once in a while, Dan does surprise me!

Aggy said...