Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Sitting Around Thinking

Day Five of Cold:  Been sitting or laying around getting over whatever it is I have.  My voice is coming back and sounding a little better.  Glad of that.  However, I still have that pain-in-the-throat cough.  It only seems to start up right around this time of the day (5:00 pm).

Since the weekend I have been spending a lot of time on Pinterest...just pinning my little heart away (might as well since I'm confined).  That's when I began to notice that a lot of fall and Christmas stuff was showing up on the boards and that made me smile.  Then I realized, autumn will be here in about 2 months and that Christmas is only 5 months away.  Now a little panic comes in.  I want this year to be a awesome and I cannot procrastinate like I did last year.  So I grabed my composititon notebook and began to take notes.

First I made my usual list of things I need to do, like: print new sheets for my notebook, make a budget, create gift lists, yata, yata, yata. Then I started thinking of special things I want to do for Christmas this year. Something new that I have always wanted to do but never seemed to make it into my plans.   There were two things I found on Pinterest a couple years ago that's been collecting dust in my book and today I decided to pull them out and incorporate them into this year's calendar of activities.

The one that I truly want to do is capturing a moment every day for the month of December using your camera (see here).

December Photo a day Challenge

I'm excited just thinking about it. (Wonder if I can find one to do for autumn)

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