Friday, August 5, 2016


Hey it's me!  Back and ready to get the ball rolling with the upcoming holidays.

I know it's still summer but I am so over all this heat.  And this is coming from a summer baby (July).  Any who, I recently reconnected with my friends over at Magical Holiday Home and just in the nick of time.  House & Holiday and Holiday Grand Plans are about to begin and I need to be on top of at least one of them if I want to have an awesome holiday with my family and close friends.

So far, for the last couple of days I have been working on my gift list and shopping list.  My gift list is nearly completed.  I just need ideas for 5 more people (out of 27).  Not too shabby, wouldn't you say?  My mom is usually one of the ones whom I never have any idea of what to get.  But not this year.  I came up with the perfect gifts that are going to knock her socks off.  I'm having a fleece blanket made with a picture of her, myself and my brother. And on it, it will say "A family can only develop with a loving woman as it's center."  Found that quote on Google somewhere. Then I will have a picture without the quote framed as well as a picture of her, myself and my grandmother.  I lost my grandmother back in 2012 and I felt this would be nice for her to have on her wall (Three generations).  Now tell me I'm not the woman! lol  So psyched!!!

Some other ideas I came up with - I've done before but with different people - are:

  • reader's basket
  • movie basket
  • bedtime basket (for two of my little cousins)
  • a white basket
  • perfume gift set, and
  • gift cards (for my best friend's two daughters)
The white theme basket is just a bath set but everything's white.  It will include a bath robe, slippers, body wash, aroma therapy candles, sugar scrub, a relaxing cd stuff like that.  That is always a well received gift.  Thinking....never done one for a man, hmmmm.

Okay back to what I was saying.

My best friend loves Belgium waffles.  That's what she gets anytime we go out for breakfast.  She's been talking about getting herself a waffle maker, but has yet to do it so I'm going to get one for her...and a really good one!

My cousin told me her son is now into Legos so I have that on my list. Then there's clothing like a nice dress for my cousin who wears them a lot now that she has gone back to church.  A new jacket for my uncle... Sorry just got a text from my niece.  I wanted to find out what her son is into these days and she just responded Pokemon.  Check another person off on the list.  It's down to four people, FOUR!

You have to forgive me with all of the jibber jabber.  I am just very excited this year for the holidays.  I haven't been this excited in a few years.  I still celebrated and was happy but not like this.  It's been a minute since I've felt like this.

Oooh one more gift idea I need to mention.  I'm putting together a baby basket for the newest member of our family.  I got the idea from Pinterest (Like where else would I find such awesome ideas lol).  Here's a picture of what I want to copy.  Isn't it cute.  Can't wait to get started on that one.

My shopping list is nearly 2 pages full and I'm sure it will grow a little more.  I hope to get started on the shopping part by the end of this month.

Well that's all I had on my chest today. LOL  Gotta go! BYE!!!


Vicki said...

Great gift ideas, sounds like you're off to a good start!

Lucie said...

That blanket sounds wonderful. I'm sure it'll be the best gift ever. You sure are going strong with your gift list!