Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Pass The Halfway Mark

Well we only have 141 days til Christmas. I don't know about anyone else but I'm very excited.

I've had a busy but fun summer which is why I haven't posted in months. (LOL) But I'm back and hope to be posting more often as summer is officially over (for me anyways). Now I can focus more on my Christmas preparations.

Today I've been hard at work. I had made a To-Do list a while back and I have nearly completed everything I need to do.
  1. Checked the website of my favorite local garden store and other local spots for list of holiday events.
  2. Created and printed invitations for my annual Christmas Eve dinner party.
  3. Updated blogs
  4. Had to re-write my master shopping list. I'm keeping it in my purse from this point on.
  5. Started an inventory of my Christmas decorations and a room by room decorating plan.
  6. Finished 5 acrylic post-it note pad stands to be given as gifts. Have 6 more to do. There's more about this at MHH.
  7. Finished my homemade greeting cards.
  8. Finalized my 24 days to Christmas calendar.
I still have more craft projects planned so I need to get to the store to pick up supplies and get started. I also want to check online for Christmas movies and music to add to my collection.

I went Dollar Tree the other day and they already have an isle of Christmas stuff out. I found some Christmas theme post-it pads to use with the acrylic post-it stand that I will make for myself. Also I picked up fun ornaments to decorate a 3 ft tree which will sit outside my front door I think... I'm not sure where I'm want to put it. Plus I bought cello treat bags for the Kissmas Whisks. This is a sweet treat I like to give out with my gifts.

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