Monday, August 25, 2008


It's the first day of school and the weather is dreary. It's supposed to rain - Yeeeeeey! Unfortunately I'm at work so I can't really enjoy it -bummer. The weather will be in the upper 80's but by morning and for the remaining weekdays the temps will only be in the 70's. Anyway today I will attempt to get a few things done. Lunch time I'm going out to pick up two more gifts. My list is really getting down. Will add them to my gift closet list. I'm also going to redo my Christmas Eve dinner invitations as I've decided I don't like the ones I printed. I should have grabbed a Christmas CD to play in the car. On a day like today, some holiday music would definitely have me in the Christmas spirit. I have to work my parttime job tonight as well so won't be able to do much. If we get out at a decent time, I'll put on a Christmas movie and work on selecting photos for the calendar I'm making for my grandmother.

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