Sunday, August 2, 2009

Gift Closet

Recently I updated my list of gifts purchased and added them to my gift closet. A gift closet is an area where you keep all your gifts purchased for whatever occassion: birthdays, anniversaries and of course Christmas. Where the gift closet is set up is up to the individual. I use the spare closet in the guest bedroom hidden behind my summer wardrobe and noone suspects that they are there. Some people have clever ways of hidding there gifts from family snoops. Some people wrapped and tagged gifts in a way only they know so kids and spouses don't know which gift is theirs. Another person says she keeps her gifts in shopping bags hidden in her closet. Another person hides her gifts in suitcases.

To keep track of gifts I have purchasesd I use this Gift Closet form. Here's what's in my closet so far:

Pair of jeans and pullover sweater for my oldest nephew
Massaging/warmer foot slippers for SIL
2 half done movie baskets
5 pc glass candle holder set
3 pc candle set w/mirror tray
2 fleece bath wraps for a cousin
2 sets of pj's for a cousin
An outfit for sil's mother
An outfit and playstation game for a boy cousin
A few craft items for a kids basket
A 'baby's 1st Christmas' ornament

My goal is to have all presents purchased/made by the end of November. I have 47 people to shop for and looking at my gift closet list I better get a move on. I know it seems like a lot of people to shop for but believe me it is not expensive as it seems. You will see what I mean in later posts.

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Cathi said...

I need to get a closet. One year I bought a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles plate, bowl and cup for my son. I found it 5 months after Christmas in the back of a file cabinet! I gotta do better!