Sunday, August 2, 2009


The end of August kicks off the Holiday Grand Plan at Organized Christmas. I, however have decided to start early. My apartment is in desperate need of deep cleaning and I just can't take it anymore (heeheehee). So I made a list of cleaning supplies and will be heading to Walmart and Dollar Tree this week to do a little shopping.

If you're interested in getting your home cleaned and ready for Fall and the holidays, HGP may be the plan for you. Or, if your home is in need of only a little cleaning and you'd like to be better prepared for the holidays, then Holiday + Houseworks may be what you prefer. I have followed both plans and they are awsome.

While you are following the plans, take a visit over to Magical Holiday Home discussion forum where myself and other Christmas lovers tell of our progress.

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Leann said...

Hey there!

You'll be one organized gal. Good for you!! I'll need at least 2 more weeks and some cool weather. We've been in the 90's with high humidity and I'm grumbling!!