Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Long Time No See

Good day all!  Yes, I've been a way a long time.  So much has happened.  During what was the called the worst winter this area has ever seen, I joined Facebook and to my surprise, reconnected with nearly all of my highschool classmates.  Many of us got together for Game Night back in February which was so much fun. It was great laughing and  reminiscing. Several classmates have formed a committee and are planning for our 25th reunion next fall.  I was extremely excited to reconnect with my best friends from school, Joyce and Latoria.  We lost contact with each other a few years after graduating.  Since reconnecting, we have been hanging out together ever since.   The class is having a fund raiser in October. A 70's gathering to help raise money for the reunion next year.  We would like pay for our teachers come to the reunion.  I think that is a nice gesture.

I also  became a great-aunt.  My oldest nephew and his girlfriend have a beautiful baby girl.  She's so adorable.  So you know she's going to be spoiled rotten by the grandparents (and great-aunt).

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Mel said...

25th Reunion - how exciting. What fun to reconnect with your old friends.