Monday, September 22, 2008

96 - 94 Days of Fun

Day 96: Nothing to report.

Day 95: Spent an evening with a few friends -- a girl's night out. There was plenty of food and drinks. To top things off, the weather was beautiful the entire day. We played games and just laughed and acted goofy -- a lot.

Day 94: When I awoke in the early morning I made myself a cup of hot chocolate and sat out on my balcony to watch the sun finish rising. It was very quiet and peaceful. I watched the squirrels run around and notice how perky my potted mums looked. More and more flowers are opening everyday. After sitting out there for a bit I started thinking of other things I'd like to do - taking time out for myself. So I wrote down a few things and then penciled them on my calendar. Then I went inside and spent a couple of hours cleaning my master bedroom. Later I took my nieces and nephews to the farm to pick apples. It was Johnny Appleseed Day. The kids had a blast - and so did I.

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