Friday, September 19, 2008

97 Days

SparkleNana, an MHH buddy has started a fun topic counting down the days to Christmas. Each day, she wants you to try to do something fun as it relates to Christmas and report what you did at the forum. The only things I''ve done since the countdown began is go through my planner. I need to start really having some fun. Actually, working on this blog is fun. I enjoy coming here and writing about my adventures as I prepare for the holiday season. And now that we're under 100 days I will be here even more.

On my lunchbreak, I think I will go window shopping. A MHH buddy said she went into KMart the other day and saw that they had Christmas trees out already. There's a KMart right behind where I work. I will walk over there on my break to see if they have their trees on display.

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