Thursday, September 17, 2009

99 Days to Christmas

Time is running down!  While reading posts on MHH, I saw that yesterday marked 100 days before Christmas. It kind of shocked me.  I knew it was closing in but didn't realize that it was so close.  Things are going to get really busy from now until. 
Today I brought my Christmas notebook to work with me. When I get a chance I am going to flip through it to see how much I have left to do from my checklist.  I know for one, I have to get the rest of my shopping done. I plan to spend Saturday doing just that. I think I will shop by myself as I want to take my time and I plan to get out very early in the morning and travel to a lot of places in several different counties.
I also want to finish writing up my room by room plans. I think there are three more areas to plan. Oh plus my office.  The office this year is going to be a bird theme. I purchased a lot of red birds from Dollar Tree either last Christmas or the year before. So that's what will be on my office tree this year, along with some faux berry garland, and maybe some seeded ornaments (may have to make those myself). You know things that go with birds.   Oh and I still need to finish a couple of craft projects.

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Leann said...

Isn't it great it's really getting close!

I'm getting excited only 3 more Rudolph days 'til Christmas.