Monday, September 28, 2009

HGP Prep Week Five

This week MHH members tackle the Master Bathroom and linen closet.  I deep-cleaned my bathroom a few weeks ago because I was ready to put up fall color linens.

This week we are also encouraged to make a batch of holiday goodies and add an extra meal to the freezer.  I for one am waiting til December to bake goodies. I have dedicated an entire day with Christmas music, eggnog, the works.  Besides my freezer is small and I don't have room. However I have dedicated my freezer to meals. As the holidays draw closer and I am pressed for time, all I will have to do is quickly grab something from the freezer, heat and serve.  CEO shares some great tips for freezer cooking.  So far in my freezer I have meatloaf, minced bbq, and lasagna.  More will be added each week.

Other plans for this week are:
  • purchase more non-perishable items for holiday meals. This also includes baking ingredients
  • purchase more Christmas gifts from list
  • work on homemade gifts
  • look for new holiday movies to add to my collection


Shakerwood Primitives said...

I have never participated in the HGP. In fact I haven't even really looked at it in probably a year. Probably something I need to look in to. I need to get more organized! Aaarrgghh

Leann said...

I'm with you, I bake, etc. closer to Christmas. I do make extra meals to pull out of the deep freeze for those nights when I'm rushed for time.