Friday, September 25, 2009

This Week

Well it's Rudy Day at MHH & OC.  There's two more before the big day (Dec. 25th).  This week found me putting up more fall decorations and organizing the master bedroom.  Also I printed labels for the DVD greeting cards I'm sending out this year. My famiy is really gonna enjoy watching this homemade dvd over and over again. While watching the many photos of Christmases past, songs by Donny Hathaway and Luther Vandross play in the background.

My dessert list is finally done! It's mainly cookies.
  • chocolate chip
  • chocolate cake mix cookies with peanut butter chips
  • old-fashioned snicker doodles
  • sugar cut-outs
  • eggnog sparkle
  • oatmeal-raisin
  • Santa thumbprint
  • pecan-shortbread
  • Oreo balls
  • Ornament shape holiday cake
  • Grandmother's jelly cookies.
I got the recipes for the snicker doodles and eggnog sparkle cookies from two nice ladies who are fellow members at Magical Holiday Home, (Hi Jessica and Snowangel00). Snowangel you may not remember posting this recipe. It was when CEO had the forum at Organized Christmas.

I'm at work right now and things are really quiet and slow. My boss has kept hisself closed up in his office all morning.  Well I'm enjoying it while I can.

Be sure to check out my other blogs, Hey Rudolph! and The Harvest. I just added new posts over there.


Leann said...

Me again! Your dessert list sounds yummy!


MissB said...

I am also doing a Christmas CD this year! Well, songs only, not photos. :)