Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Another Productive Day

I'm sitting in the livingroom right now listening to the Hannuka song by Adam Sandler. The easy listening station in my area started playing Christmas tunes. Nothing but Christmas songs from now til New Years.

Yesterday I decorated my foyer and hall areas. First I sat up my nativity scene on the table in the hall. I placed two candle holders on each side of the scene. Then across from the table is a cd cabinet where I placed my singing penguins and snowman. My neighbor bought it for me two Christmases from Hallmark. Last year I received the singing snowmen. Not sure where they will go yet. I couldn't find my knitted socks that I usually hang on the doorknobs in the hall and foyer so I hung some cute signs I bought from Dollar Tree. I really hope that I didn't throw them away when I was getting rid of old decorations. I've looked everywhere for them. Right next to the coat closet in the foyer I hung a cute broom. I wrapped clear lights around the two topiaries which sit right behind the front door in the foyer. They sit on either side of a wall mirror. And on the mirror I attached a large bow.

Today I worked in the kitchen. I have a gingerbread theme in this area. I outlined my cabinets wth lights. Then I decorated one section of the counters with a gingerbread Christmas village, another section with two large gingerbread people holding flour and sugar sacks. On the center counter I have a Santa cookie jar - another Christmas from my neighbor. I even hung some gingerbread men above the sink. They are made to hold treats but I just stuffed them with tissue paper. On the kitchen table sits a 3ft Christmas tree. I only have the lights on right now as I think I threw out the garland I use for the tree. Now I'll have to buy new garland before I add my gingerbread ornaments. Under the tree I have several gingerbread figurines. I also have figurines displayed on top of the fridge. Speaking of the fridge, I took a few of the gingerbread ornaments and taped them to the freezer door. At the sink is my gingerbread kitchen rug. And hanging from the center cabinet is a gingerbread wreath I made. One I get the garland and add the ornament, my kitchen will be complete.

Tomorrow I think I will work either on the livingroom or bathroom.

I hope to be done decorating my entire home by Sunday. On Monday I will try to post pictures.

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