Sunday, November 8, 2009

Reality Check Part 2

Well I had a productive second half of this week.  The first half I was feeling very tired and lazy and couldn't get much done. This week was my boyfriend's birthday and I did manage to make him a nice dinner: Fillet Mignon, steamed broccoli with a garlic sauce, baked potatoes and butterfly pan-fried shrimp.  He really enjoyed the dinner and his gift (a sweater).  Now that that's over and I've gotten most of my energy back, I am once again motivated to having a very nice Christmas.

Shopping for gifts today was great. I found a lot of great bargains. I made sure to take my shopping list with me that way I didn't stray.  In Walmart, I found new holiday air fresheners by Freebreeze. I bought the twin pack of Fresh Evergreen & Snow ($5), Mistletoe & Magic, andPomegranate Berry & Sparkle. I can't wait to use them in December. I stuck to the list and only bought what I set out to get.   Once home I sorted the gifts, then put everything into the gift closet and updated my gift closet list.  I had planned to do some baking but I was out longer than I expected. It was a fun day. I'm so very proud of myself.  So much so that as a reward I treated myself to some icecream. 

Tasks for Reality Week are now checked off on my list.
  • Budget:  I usually keep the same budget each year which in the last few years have been more than I actually spend for the holidays.  I set up my budget the same time I create my gift list.  
  • Holiday Housework Plans: Housework will be minimal (Thanks to HGP).  Just the normal, everyday cleaning as  is all that will be needed.  
  • Check Smoke Detectors:  Maintenance has been to all the units to check smoke/carbon monoxide detectors as well as change the batteries.  
  • Tabletop Check:  Throughout the month of December I use holiday decorated paper plates and napkins for everyday meals.  On Christmas Eve I pull out the real dinner plates, flatware and glassware, etc.  I bought a lot of dishes at Dollar Tree several holiday seasons ago. They are white with a Holly pattern trim. I even purchased several sets of matching salt/pepper shakers, and napkin holder and spoon rest. I love those dishes. To have come from the dollar store, they are holding up very well.I need to come up with a centerpiece for my dining table.  I made a nice holly centerpiece which had three glass candle holders with shades.  Last year while trying to bring it down from the closet top shelf, it slipped out of my hands, hit the floor and the candle holders broke into pieces. : (    
  • Christmas Cards:  Earlier this week MHH members received the list of names for the Christmas Card Exchange. I pulled out my Christmas cards and started signing and addressing them. I like to mail out my cards December 1st.  We have members all over the world participating in the exchange. It's so much fun getting mail from other countries.
  • Good Health Habits: 

Fall decorations will come down the day before Thanksgiving.  I have taken that whole week off and this year Thanksgiving is being held elsewhere. So I can take them down early and clear the way for Christmas decorating which always starts "Black Friday".  I spend the whole weekend decorating.  Thinking more about it, since I will be off all week, the fall decor may come down earlier than that, and I just may go ahead and start Christmas decorating. Perhaps doing the lights on the balcony and outside my front door. (It's always a good idea to start putting up outdoor lights before the temps get too cold.)

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House Elf said...

sorry to hear about your centerpiece break - any ideas about what you would like to do this year?