Thursday, November 12, 2009

Gifts & Giving

As I've mentioned before I have about 40+ people to buy/make gifts for.  That's why it's a good idea to shop throughout the year if you're able to.  At Organized Christmas, this week Christmas Countdown talks all about gifts and giving.

My gift list is nearly complete. I think that my family will really enjoy what I got them this year. Here's how my gift closet is looking so far:

several scarf/hat/glove sets
EZ Bake Oven cookie maker
fuzzy bedroom slippers
Men's crew-neck tops
learning lap-top
learning games
board games
light and sound helicopter
fuzzy women's robes
sweaters and jeans
Massaging/warmer foot slippers for SIL
2  movie baskets
5 pc glass candle holder set
3 pc candle set w/mirror tray
2 fleece bath wraps for a cousin
several sets of pj's
An outfit for sil's mother
An outfit and playstation game for a boy cousin
A few craft items for a kids basket
A 'baby's 1st Christmas' ornament
Pair of jeans and pullover sweater for my oldest nephew
Hannah Montanna handbag
Make-up kit
Homemade Advent Calendar
Homemade teacup candles
Wine basket, and
Several ladies house-gowns

Earlier this week I was on and I saw some old tv shows on DVD that I plan to purchase for my uncles.  Ma & Pa Kettle series, Hawaii Five O seasons, Topper and Blondie.  They will really enjoy watching those.

I still wasn't sure what to get my folks.  Then I thought I would get my stepdad an ipod to take with him when he works out at the VA gym.  Then I remembered I had an MP3 player that I wasn't using so I gave that to him instead.  Now I've decided that I am going to get him a nice sweat suit. He wears them a lot when he's just hanging around the house or when out running errands.  As for my mom, still undecided.

Last year I fell in love with a store called Five Below.  Everything in the store is $5 or less. I found great computer games and stocking stuffers for my younger cousins.  I'm going again this year to pick up a few DVD games that the kids as well as the adults can play.  One of the games I plan to get is "Name That Tune". This will be the game we play on Christmas Eve.  I can see us all cracking up with laughter trying to guess the titles of songs. There's one about a mile away from my job. I may shoot up there on my lunch break.

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