Thursday, December 10, 2009


So much has been going on since my last post.  My home is all decorated.  Gifts are bought, wrapped and under the tree. Plans for my family Christmas Eve dinner are going great.  My family loved the dvd greeting cards I sent them this year.  I can't wait until we are all together.  It's going to be so much fun.  What's really great is a cousin whom I haven't seen in probably 10 years is coming and he's bringing his wife.

We had our first snow fall last Saturday.  It was so beautiful. It snowed nearly all day.  It really put me in the Christmas mood.  I cranked up the holiday tunes and wrapped gifts while drinking rum eggnog  - Mmm, mmm good.  We got a little bit more Tuesday night but the rain had washed it all away by Wednesday morning. Boy did it pour. There were floods everywhere. Skies are clear today and sunny, but it is very windy and cold.

Next Wednesday will be my last day at work.  I will be off until the new year (Whoo-hoo!).  This will give me a few days to get all of my baking done and take care of any last minute issues before the family gets together. 

My mom and I are hooking up later today to do some Christmas shopping.  She's one of those people who shops at the last minute.  Speaking of shopping I was in Kmart yesterday and found some great deals on men's crew-neck shirts and sweaters.  I bought a pair of jeans for one of my nephews for $14.99.  They are THRE3 jeans by Polo. Originally $24.99.  I couldn't believe the price and am going back today to get him another pair and two sweaters.  The sweaters are beautiful. I wouldn't mind one for myself.  What is shocking is that they were in Kmart.  I also found some nice night-gowns and ladies robes at half the original price. 

Tonight after shopping I need to take pictures of my place so that I can get them posted for the Holiday Tour of Homes.  Cathymac, one of my friends at Magical Holiday Home is again hosting.  You will be able to see how members (and non-members) have decorated their homes for the holidays on Cathy's blog, "Cathymac's Holiday Hamlet".  If you would like to show off your fabulous home, Cathy has provided us with a way to link our blogs or pictures.  Hope to see you there.

Well I better get off this computer and do some work before the boss catches me. 

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