Friday, December 11, 2009

Holiday Tour of Homes Part I

Here are the pics of my office.  It's a bird theme.  Enjoy!

This is the entrance into my office.  I decorated this door and the door of another office the same way.

Here's my office. Well actually I share with another lady.

This is my co-workers area.

I decorated her board with pretty wrapping paper then hung a wreath I made several Christmases ago in the center.

Her desk looks so neat because she's not in today. (Hahaha!)

Here's my side of the office.

I dressed my board up with a different paper and wreath design.

and here's my desk...

You like my Snowman. I've had him for about 6 years.

This is the door to my boss' office. It's right between my area and my co-worker's area.

And now the main attraction, our Christmas tree!

Doesn't those ornaments I bought from Dollar Tree a few weeks ago look great ? I've gotten lots of compliments on my tree this year. Plus the ribbon is the icing on the cake.





Guess What!?  Santa paid us a visit.

For security purposes, the bailiffs issued him a temporary badge while he visits with us.

Well that's all for now.  Check back Monday for part II.


Melanie said...

Love your decorations!! The tree looks fantastic!!

Cathy Miller said...

Nice!!! Love the snowmen! And I have those little fuzzy tailed birds in white!!

Jessica said...

Soooo cute, wish I was that creative.

jackfrosty said...

Love It! Love it! Great job!

Printersdevil said...

I love the snowman on the computer! Everything is so festive. Good job. Thanks for letting us share your Christmas cheer.