Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

It's finally here! It's Christmas Day!

I'm lying in bed watching tv, recoupperating from last night. About 40+ family members were in my apartment. It was. Great. You could barely move around. People were making comments about having the heat on. I told them I don't have the heat on. It's you people. When evryone was gone I looked at the thermostat - it read 79 deg. LOL! I had to crack open my window when I finally went to bed. I zonked out almost immediately.

Dinner started around 6:30. There was plenty to eat - spiral ham, roast beef, mac & cheese, meatballs, collard greens, shrimp salad, deviled eggs, bbq seasoned and carribean style wingettes, potatoe salad and fresh baked rolls. For appetizers I served baked crab rangoon, blt dip ( a recipe I got from Cathymac - MHH) with asiago cheese & vegetable crackers (What a great combination) and fruit. For desert there was red velvet cake, chocolate cake, and a variety of cookies.

After everyone was done eating and letting their stomachs settle a little, we opened gifts. I started a new tradition last year where I hand out my gifts to everyone and then have them all open their gifts at one time while I record them with my camera. I think everyone loved what they got. I listen to them throughout the year and take notes unbeknowns to them.

I received some great gifts as well. I got a really nice Baltimore Ravens fleece throw, a pretty top, one of those snuggies with matching slippers, nice scented diffusers, a glass salad bowl set, my middle niece made me some home-made cookies (yummy), and something I really needed - flatware. I also received several Walmart gift cards which will be used tomorrow. I also got a nice carrying bag for my new portable Dvd player. I can't remember everything but I love them all. I'm not hard to please. I appreciate everything I get.

I'm posting from my phone so when I get back to work (in the new year) I will post pictures.

One of my cousins is having dinner at her house today, so I may go there. On Christmas Day I usually just lounge around the house, relaxing, taking it easy.

I think I'm going to pour me a glass of milk and eat a few of my nieces homemade cookies. Ta ta for now!


Melanie said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful time.

Merry Christmas!!

House Elf said...

wishing you a very Happy New Year!