Thursday, December 19, 2013

I am so psyched!  I had the day off so I got up early and went gift shopping.  It was so nice and peaceful...not many people in the stores yet.  Plus the fact that it was still a work day for many, helped.  I found a lot of great deals too.  In Macy's I found a nice watch for $10, a pretty sweater for $12, a bath robe (purple - my girlfriend's favorite color) for $14, a men's sweater for $20 and a really nice blouse for a cousin for $5.  Yes I said $5 smackaroonies.  The blouse was originally $19.98.  It had been reduced to $9.99 but when I got to the counter it rung up $4.99.  Talking about a happy camper...

Next I went to Five Below where I picked up several craft kits, games, and a skateboard for the younger family members at $5 each.  When I was done I had only spent a little over $50.

I was done shopping and on my way home by 10:00.  Once home, I wrapped the gifts and placed them under the tree.

I placed my gifts on one side of the tree so that there will be room for family to come place their gifts when they arrive Christmas Eve.  I love when we exchange gifts.  It's always so much fun.

Any who, I just need to pick up 7 more gifts and I will be done.  Considering that I had 30 to get, that's a major accomplishment on my part. LOL

I had also planned to start my baking today but I just could not get motivated.  If I can't start early in the day, it's pretty much not going to happen.  I'm also off tomorrow and don't have any plans to go out, which means I can start first thing.

Tonight I am going to finish making the dvd's for the gang I watch football with, along with a copy of  mixed Christmas CD.  I need to have them finish before this Sunday's game.  I'm also going to add in their gift bags, beaded football necklaces. This is what they look like (click here).  They come in black, purple and gold.  I wanted to get the ones with the Ravens charm but the cost is little out of my league.

Better get started. My Christmas lights just came on which means it will be dark soon.  TTFN!

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