Sunday, December 15, 2013

Only 10 Days Left

Christmas is in ten days.  My annual Christmas Eve family dinner is in nine and I am so behind.  I still have gifts to buy.  The good thing is I do finally have ideas of what I am giving everyone this year.  I'm only working three days this week, yipee!  That will give me time to go out and get my shopping done.  My plan is to go out before daybreak to beat the crowds as I know I am not the only one who has last minute Christmas shopping to do.

Not only do I need to get my gift shopping done, I also need to go grocery shopping for the holiday meal. and I have not done any baking.  In spite of all I have to do, for some reason I feel really calm.

This year I may finally get my wish for a white Christmas. We got a good amount of snow last weekend. It hung around the entire week.  Then it snowed again last night.  Not as much as last week but enough to make everything look so nice again.

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