Saturday, December 28, 2013

Post Christmas

Well Christmas is over!

Usually the day after Christmas is kind of a let down for many. Including me.  Months of planning and prepping and then just like that it's over.  Well not this year.  Not for me.  I have already started planning for 2014 (God willing I'm around to see it).

Since Thursday I have been making lists and printing new forms for my notebook.  First thing I did was start a 'To Do' list: Gifts recipients/ideas, update address book, plan holiday menus, etc.   So far I made a list of persons whom I want to get gifts for.  Even have a few gift ideas written down. Like for my brother I want to get him a new ratchet set. When he worked on my truck last month I noticed the set he has is so old and rusty.  Although they worked fine, I think he would be happy to have a new set.   I also started a master shopping list which I've already started ticking off items from, like Christmas cards, more ornaments, lights, and such.  Yup, I want to be on top of things next year.  No more dragging my feet.

I even have a menu written up for next year's Christmas Eve family dinner though I think some things may change as the months pass.  It always does.

And for the first time, I did not make it out for Black Friday.  I always go out on that day.  It's the day I find really great gifts for me. Heehee.  There are a few things I want like an Ipod. Yes people, I do not own one. I also want a portable hd tv to keep at work.  A new high memory disk drive. The one I want costs a pretty penny but holds more than I will ever need.  A digital camera as I broke the on/off button to my HP digital camera.  That's what I get for leaving it in my handbag for weeks on end.  I never do that. As well as several other things I want.

What I don't get for myself as birthday gifts in July will go on my Christmas Wish List.

Guess I will end here.  I've had several glasses of Ovebrook Eggnog and I'm feeling mighty jolly.

Enjoy your day!!!

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