Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Cozy Home

Well here we are. It's a new year.  The holidays are behind us. The decorations have been put away and now the house looks a little empty.  What to do?   The ladies at MHH have some really neat ideas for cozying up the home.

My kitchen is the one area that looks really bare.  When I took up my kitchen rugs back in November to decorate for the holidays I threw them hope forcing me to buy new one (which I have yet to do). Plus the kitchen could use a new coat of paint.

To make my home feel cozy I have soft and thick throws everywhere. There's a faux mink throw I keep on my bed.  When I'm sitting at the computer I cover myself with my Baltimore Raven's fleece throw. In the living room there's chenille throws to snuggle under while watching tv, listening to music or taking a siesta.

I've hung heavy velour curtains at the windows to help keep out the cold.  Not only do they make a room feel cozy but they add color as I live in an apartment and all the walls are white.  Another big must have for me, candles.  I love candles (some scented, some unscented) and have them everywhere. I love the soft glow they give to a room.  On the dining-room chandelier I added shades which cuts down on the sharp brightness of the lights. Makes dinner for two very romantic.  Having a soft area rug under-foot is another great way to make a home cozy. 

Other things I do to make my home more cozy during the winter months:

display lots of family photos
use fabric on tables
display large pieces of wall art
display colorful floral centerpieces or fill bowls with twig balls, pinecones and such

After you've gotten your home nice and cozy it's time to relax. Take a load off.  You need the rest after such a busy month of December.  I for one have been just enjoying the idea of coming home, kicking off my shoes, maybe have a glass of Sutter Home's Moscato (sp?)  and just enjoy the peace and tranquility. Aahhh! Life is good!

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Leann said...

I agree, plentt of time for relaxing is key.