Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Starting January 3rd, everyone at MHH began decluttering their homes from the holidays. You can read about it here.   My decorations have been down for a couple of weeks now but I am still finding items here and there. Like last week I still had my gingerbread stockings hanging from the oven handle. I can't believe I overlooked them. Yesterday while sorting laundry I found more holiday linen that needs washing and put away.

Each month in preparation for Christmas 2010 I will make a list of goals and hopefully fulfill them.  For instance this month my goals are to:

Add a new Christmas dvd to my collection.
Declutter my holiday notebook.
Print new pages for notebook from OC.
Make a list of Rudy Day activities.
Go over last year's budget spending. I think I did a lot better in 2009 compared to previous years.
Complete holiday debriefing.
Celebrate Rudy Day.

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