Thursday, January 21, 2010

January Rudy Day 2010

The first Rudy Day of the new year (Jan. 25th).  What do you plan to do?

Because Rudy Day is on a Monday, and I will be working, I've decided to celebrate this weekend.  One of the things I plan to do is buy a new Christmas movie to add to my collection (an idea I got from Happy2bme, at MHH).  By December I should have a nice collection.  I also plan to put together a few playlists of Christmas tunes to burn onto cd's to give to family and friends this year.  And finally, I want to dress up my holiday notebook so I plan on spending a couple of hours doing that while watching the new movie.

If you want some ideas of what to do to celebrate Rudy, check these out.

  • search for craft ideas
  • work on homemade crafts
  • test a new recipe
  • listen to some holiday tunes
  • watch a favorite holiday movie
  • sign/address Christmas cards
  • plan holiday budget
  • plan holiday meals
  • look for gift ideas
  • shop for gifts
  • search for ideas on decorating your home
  • look for neat stocking stuffers
  • take a drive to see neighborhood Christmas displays/lights
  • bake some cookies or other tasty desserts

1 comment:

Belles said...

I wish I were as organized as you are. I copied and pasted your list, just hope that's not all I do with it.