Thursday, January 7, 2010


Well it's a new year, a new decade. Where did the time go?

Last year I really didn't spend a lot of time celebrating Rudy Day as I had hoped. You know that thing called "Life" gets top priority over everything else.  This year I hope to do better with the help of my friends at Magical Holiday Home. 

Right now we are mostly trying to declutter - putting away Christmas decorations and making the home cozy during these extremely cold months.  Everyone's been brainstorming, sharing ideas and suggestions on ways to celebrate Rudy Days 2010.  As part of my Rudy days I've decided when shopping for gifts, I will do it by family. My intention is to focus on one family each month instead of the way I have been doing it in past years.

Myself and other members created a list of what we want to focus on each month during Rudy Day. My list looks like this:

Here's what I've come up with.

Jan.  -   Christmas notebook
Feb. -   Budget
Mar. -  Gift ideas
Apr.  -  Christmas cards
May. -   Gift closet
Jun.   -   Entertaining
Jul.    -   Crafts
Aug.  -   Gifts (part 2)
Sept. -   Cleaning
Oct.   -   Food/desserts
Nov.  -   Decorating
Dec.   -  Celebrate

I'll be back around the 25th with a progress update. Wish me luck. 

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Melanie said...

Good luck and Happy New Year!!!