Sunday, September 19, 2010

Creating a Christmas Activity Center

For weeks I have been working in the guest room trying to set up a holiday activity center.  It took longer than I estimated. 

First I had to get rid of some old furniture - a dresser and computer hutch.  Once that was done, I brought in a table from the kitchen to use as my new work station.   I then needed something to store my books and things but that didn't take up a lot of space so I bought a new book case.  I also picked up some collapsable storage cubes from Dollar Tree to hold/hide everything. 

This area is right next to the bookcase.  Soon this table will go out and a new smaller one will go in it's place along with a nice comfy chair.  (FYI:  Those pictures all came from Dollar Tree.  The larger frame was a bargin at Kmart. I paid $10 for two of these frames.)

The room is still not finished.  The wall above the desk is completely bare. This is where I want to hang a shelf.  Looks like another trip to Ikea is in order.  In addition a futon (my cousin was nice enough to give me) will also go in this room for more seating and sleeping quarters for overnight guests.


happeningswithLana said...

Looking very nice. Doing a great job.

Natasha said...

Wow, you are so organised! I should really make a Christmas station at my place too. Thanks for the idea and inspiration!

Best wishes and happy belated Rudolph day to you!