Monday, September 27, 2010

Gift Idea for Friends

While chatting with my MHH friends Saturday, a thought came to me.  What to give my friends this Christmas season.  And I thought, how about a  movie of our trip to the Poconos.   My bestfriend wanted to go there for her birthday so sixteen of us packed into cars and took the trip.  It was a memorable event.  Everyone really enjoyed themselves. 

So once again I find myself sorting through photos. I downloaded everyone's photos on to my computer one evening while we were altogether playing cards.  Whew! There are so many pictures.  It's going to take me a couple of weeks to make this movie.  There's even some video that one of my friends took unbeknowns to us.  I was watching those videos and I was in tears.  I could not believe how crazy we were acting. 

They don't even suspect that I'm doing this.  They think I am just collecting pictures as I am know as the 'picture lady.'  Heeheehee  I love collecting memories.

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Luludou said...

That is a beautiful & toughtful gift!