Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Funny Story

My best friend called me the other day and told me the funniest story. She and her husband have been coming to my house on Christmas Eve since the tradition started years ago. Well my best friend, her husband, her mom and several other people were sitting in the house just talking and my name came up. The husband started going on and on about coming to my house. How he couldn't wait and how he really enjoys and looks forward to the food, exchanging gifts, talking and laughing. Someone then called the house and my friend said she heard her husband telling the caller that he wouldn't be able to make it to wherever he was invited to because he was coming to my house. My friend said that after he hung up with the caller he was still talking as if the caller was on the phone saying, "You got the game wrong. I'm going to Ms. Claus (that's what they call me) house." She said he had a straight attitude and was just a fussing.

Things settled down and my friend said probably 20 - 25 minutes later her husband had started up again. She said all anyone in the room could do was laugh because they couldn't believe how he literally got upset. My best friend said she laughed so hard that she was intears.  My friend's mother told her, "Leave him be." I was so tickled and happy that he enjoys coming my house for the holidays.

I know when I see him Christmas Eve he's going to make sure I hear about it.


Anonymous said...

How wonderful that he is excited about spending Christmas Eve at your place.

dj56v said...

You must really have a nice get together every year if people look forward to your party! I think that's wonderful!! Have fun!