Friday, December 26, 2014

While I Have Some Down Time

Well the big day is over.  I am exhausted but fulfilled.  Thank goodness I still have another week to catch up on rest before it's back to the grindmill.

Christmas Eve with my family was another joyous moment for the books.  There was lots of laughter, singing, dancing and good conversation. The best part was that I actually got to enjoy my company from the first arrival to the last person to leave.  All thanks to prepping and cooking all my dishes the day before.  That was a first for me as I am usually still cooking on Christmas Eve.  I had so much time on my hands, though, before guests started arriving that I didn't know what to do with myself.

On Christmas Day I went to my moms and spent the day with her and my stepdad.

Today as I lounge on the sofa, I am already thinking about Christmas 2015.  But first I need to do my debreifing for 2014.  You can find the form and many others on Organized Christmas.  The best part is you can fill it out on the computer, then save or print it to keep for future references.

Well I had better get started while everythings still fresh on my mind.

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