Sunday, October 17, 2010

Christmas Journaling - Gift Bags

Reuse? or Never use?

I love using gift bags.  They come in handy for that last minute gift you fogot to wrap, and it's Christmas Eve, and you have a house full of guests.  And there's so many pretty ones to choose from.  I use them all the time for birthday gifts.  9 times out of 10 I don't shop for a birthday gift until the day of the party.  I know what gift I'm giving. It's just that I procrastinate sometimes going to get it.   Then while I'm picking up the gift I also grab a bag and some tissue paper (oh and a card).  It's terrible I know, but what am I gonna do?  (wink)

As far as Christmas, the last few years I've resorted back to gift boxes.  I think it's because you can get them now already decorated so there's no need for wrapping paper.  I was never any good at wrapping gift boxes, but I loved trying.  I still use gift bags for those items that cannot go into a box.  I like to coordinate the colors so it doesn't look too busy under the Christmas tree.  The really small gift bags are great for things like gift cards, jewelry, snowman soup, baked goods - things like that.  Whatsmore, gift bags are easier to transport when your arms are full and they're reusabled if you manage not to rip them.  I guess the same can be said about giftboxes (being reusable) but they take up more space than a gift bag will.


Mel said...

I reuse gift bags. When I use them for presents for my kids, I tape the top shut, so they don't peek.
I like the decorated gift boxes as well, but couldn't find any last year.

dj56v said...

I love gift bags. They have so many beautiful designs on them and I also recycle the ones I get for someone else. Why waste? I used to wrap boxes all the time. It took a very long time to do, but the end result was good! Everyone said how beautiful the gifts looked. But now it seems I don't have enough time or money, to wrap them the way I would want to.